My bike touring year in review, and plans for 2022

The Bantam at Women’s Forum, from my May Ainsworth/Columbia Gorge Overnight. Olympus 35 RD/Kodak TMAX 100.

As another year wraps up, it’s natural to want to reflect back on what happened. There’s one thing this year that I am thankful to reflect on when it comes to bike touring: that I could reflect on bike touring. 2020 was pretty much a wash due to pandemic and other things. I was very lucky that I managed two camping overnights. But after several years where each year seemed to have less bike touring than the one before, I’m glad to say that the pattern has reversed.

Oh, it was by no means a big touring year, but I wasn’t expecting much, as we are still not out of the tunnel of pandemic. But the amount of stuff I did, and the desire to do more, means I am back into a touring groove:

I had hoped to do something in September or maybe October, but drivetrain issues sidelined the Bantam. By the time I got back I didn’t have the motivation anymore.

It was a good little bike touring year. I can always hope for something more substantial in 2022. Here’s some thoughts and plans:

  • I’d like to get at least a bike overnight in each month from March through October. I also hope to get in a cabin camping trip in February. October is generally the end of decent camping weather, but if all goes well I could get in something in November or December…
  • And I’d like to get anywhere from one to three multi-day tours. I hope one of them is a week or longer.
    • I’d like to do something in Central Oregon again, especially since my last one in 2019 wasn’t so hot. I’m aiming for June for that: the weather should not be hot and there should still be water in streams if I need to filter.
    • It’s been three years since either Emee and I have been to the San Juan Islands, so it’d be nice to get back. I’d also like to incorporate Victoria/Vancouver Island on that trip. It’s been over five years since I’ve last been there, and never with Emee.
    • Doing something along the Palouse to Cascades State Trail in Washington. The one time I attempted to do a “Three Speed Tour” on it in 2014 was a failure. This time I’ll do it with the Bantam!

Okay, that wraps it up. What are your bike touring plans for 2022?

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