newoldstock_1Hey! Did you know that I’ve been making goods for about, oh, twenty-two years now? You can peruse my selection of comix, zines, posters, buttons, and other ephemera (including Society of Three Speeds memberships) over at my storefront on Storenvy.

I do also sell stuff directly through the mail if you pay me in cash. Get in touch if you are interested via email.

And I also wholesale things like comics, zines, postcards, etc, typically at 50% of “cover” price. If you are interested, get in touch.

Special note: If for some reason you have issues with Storenvy, get in touch with me.

Special note 2: If I am doing a sale, special prices are only valid via the Storenvy site. They don’t apply if you buy them direct.

Updated 2 Dec 2019