My favorite film photos in 2021

Power and Atmosphere. Sellwood, 28 Feb 2021. Camera: Olympus 35 RD. Film: Kodak TMAX 400. At the end of 2020, I decided to figure out what my "top nine" photos of the year were. There's handy apps that will figure out your top nine posts. The problem with that is it's all your posts, so... Continue Reading →

Goals for 2022

It's natural for one to reflect when a new year dawns. I know, "resolutions" are "cliche", at least according to all the thinkpieces that come out between Christmas and New Year's. And I don't think I do the typical "drink/eat less, exercise more" resolutions. But I do like to come up with ideas for what... Continue Reading →

A quick look back at 2021

Self-Portrait at Errol Creek Headwaters, 20 November 2021. Olympus 35 RD/Kodak ColorPlus 200. Hello friends! I've already documented my 2021 in bicycles, bike touring, journal comix, and cameras/film, so here's a general reflection of the past year. And what a year it was. We are still not done with pandemic and the weirdness it presents.... Continue Reading →

2021: A year in journal comics

One thing that has helped me feel balanced during these pandemic years is drawing regularly. I started up the practice again of a daily journal comic with Inktober 2019. This was good timing: I already had "the habit" by the time of the first stay-at-home orders in March of 2020. Keeping a journal comic helped... Continue Reading →

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