A reflection on the Society in 2021, and what’s ahead for 2022

Society Of Three Speeds

Spotted in the Santa Monica REI

Hello, three speed lovers! 2021 is just about done, so now is a good time to look back at what worked and what didn’t with the Society of Three Speeds.

The good:

  • There were two challenges in 2021, both featuring mail-in reporting. After the success of Three Speed October 2020, I decided to do both the April and October Challenges with the official reporting journals. 31 people registered for the April challenge with 23 completing. Two dozen registered for Three Speed October, with fifteen completing. (And yes, I still need to get out October prize packs!)
  • We welcomed 56 new members to the Society this year. This is almost twenty more than we got in 2020! The majority of new members came from the US, with ten from the UK, five from Canada, two from Germany, and one each from Sweden, France, and Japan.

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2021: A year in journal comics

One thing that has helped me feel balanced during these pandemic years is drawing regularly. I started up the practice again of a daily journal comic with Inktober 2019. This was good timing: I already had "the habit" by the time of the first stay-at-home orders in March of 2020. Keeping a journal comic helped... Continue Reading →

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