Pedalpalooza 2023 Events and Rides UPDATED

Hey folks. I've gone ahead and added one more event to the list of Pedalpalooza rides and events I'm doing: Another Bike Touring Workshop slated for the evening of Thursday July 6th. That's when the Societe des Rambleneurs ride was supposed to happen, now that's been bumped to Sunday July 30th. So now I'm doing... Continue Reading →

Ainsworth post-report: A de-briefing on my first bike camping trip of 2023

The Bantam at Horsetail Falls, 29 April 2023. Olympus Pen EES-2/Ilford Delta 400 It's become a thing for me: After the first bike camping trip of the season, reflect on what happened, the good and the bad. This is what happened after my Champoeg trip last year. And now it's time for me to analyze... Continue Reading →

An April Update

Hello folks. I don't do these "State of the Union" style posts that often, but should do them more often, because there's often things going on in my life or with the League that don't always translate into a blog post. April has been a difficult month here, mostly due to the weather. It seemed... Continue Reading →

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