1968 Raleigh Superbe

The Raleigh Superbe three speed is possibly my most classic and classiest bike! I bought this from my friend Todd late in 2015. This bike replaced my older three speed, the Raleigh Wayfarer. The bike was in overall good condition when I received it, but me being me I decided to add/tweak things:

  • Wheels: Both of them have been rebuilt using modern aluminum SunRims CR-18, which means I can retain the original 26″ x 1 3/8″ (590) wheel size! Current tires are Schwalbe Delta Cruiser in whitewall.
  • Lighting: The bike came with a Sturmey-Archer Dynohub! I wired it up with modern LED lighting: A B+M headlamp and tail lamp. While the power output of a vintage Dynohub is smaller than modern standards (1.8W vs 3.0W), LED lighting is so efficient you hardly notice. Plus, it will be much brighter than a vintage incandescant!
  • Cockpit: Swapped out the extant cockpit with Kalloy stem, Nitto Albatross bars in chromoly, modern Tektro brake levers, and reproduction black “John Bull” rubber grips. Also currently residing on the bars is a Velo Orange “Retro” cage mounted via VO mount. All rounded out with a Crane brass bell!
  • Saddle: Brooks B-17 in black. Classic!
  • Pedals: MKS Sylvan, a classic looking rat-trap style that goes well with the bike.
  • Gearing: I put a 23 tooth cog on the rear, which gives me a decent low around 39 gear-inches.
  • Other: A nice Pletscher “clem” rack in the rear. My rear light is mounted to it! The rack usually holds some Carradice panniers. I also occasionally mount a Carradice or Treetop saddlebag to the saddle. Also occasionally sees some Carradice “top tube” panniers.

This bike is a joy to ride. It’s usually my day-to-day bike.

For more photos, see the flickr album below or click here.

Raleigh Superbe at Rose City Park, 22 Nov 2020

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