My Pedalpalooza 2022 report, as we are in the final month

It's the final month of Pedalpalooza, Portland's summer-long bicycle fun fest. Last time we checked in I had went on the Kickoff Ride on June 1st, Tom Howe's Know Your Greenways Ride on June 8, and then the first two rides I have led: Sunset/Moonrise and the Gorge Ride. Since that report on June 27,... Continue Reading →

Ride Report: Sunset/Moonrise Ride, 13 July 2022

Riding along the Marine Drive bike path, 13 July 2022. Canon Snappy K/Kodak Gold 200 Initially I thought that I would be out of town for July's full moon, but when that trip didn't materialize I decided to add another Sunset/Moonrise Ride to the Pedalpalooza calendar. I always have fun on this ride, so why... Continue Reading →

Film photography blogs you should follow

Bikes and Film Cameras Club

The creepy night flash bike portrait. 10 July 2022. Pentax IQZoom 928/Fuji 200

Hey folks! Jim Grey over at the Down The Road blog has posted his annual list of film photography blogs. Both this blog plus our sister blog Urban Adventure League is listed, yay! You should check out the full list for other cool blogs here.

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Ride Report: Bikes and Film Cameras Club, Sat 9 July 2022

Bikes and Film Cameras Club

Instax pic of me taken with a Graflex by ovsyankinaphotography

My first Bikes and Film Cameras Club Ride happened last July. I didn’t intend for the second one to happen a year later, but that’s how it goes sometimes. On Saturday July 9th we had a good crew of a dozen who met me at the Paul Bunyan Statue in the Kenton neighborhood of North Portland. There was a good selection of cameras, from toy to advanced, 35mm to medium format to large format on Instax. Unfortunately I did not check out and record everyone’s cameras, though next time I definitely will.

The ride itself was just a hair under 15 miles (24 km.) The route concentrated on the water’s edge of the North Portland Peninsula. I forgot to record the route on Ride With GPS, but here are the stops after Paul Bunyan:

  1. The secret old Vanport bridge abutment…

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Bikes and Film Cameras Club WITH Canon Snappy K 35mm camera

Bikes and Film Cameras Club

The Canon Snappy K camera is a circa 1988 compact 35mm point and shoot. It is very basic and simple to use: a 35mm f/3.8 fixed focus lens that focuses from five feet away to infinity and a flash that’s there if you need it. Besides motor drive, that’s about it for features. And that’s all you need to start shooting film!

This kit with camera is just $40 plus shipping. Please note that it does not include batteries, but since they are common AAs, you should already have some. (Don’t worry, film is still included!) You can purchase this camera here.

Photos from this camera can be found in the dynamic flickr album below.

The meetup by Hollywood Theatre. 11 July 2022

And don’t forget, the Bikes and Film Cameras Club with Pentax IQZoom 928 kit is still available for $60 plus shipping! You can buy that here.

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