Experimenting with slide film, and capturing spring blossoms

Over the year-plus of my film photography journey I've tried out many different film stocks. I've alternated between black and white and color negative rolls. I've developed some favorites (like ColorPlus 200). But there's one type of film I haven't tried yet: Slide film, also known as color reversal stock or transparency film. This is... Continue Reading →

A The Dalles Adventure, 24-27 March 2021

Camera: Minolta SR-T 101. Lens: MC Rokkor-X PG 50mm f/1.4 Film: Kodak Ektachrome 100 It had been almost three months since our trek to the Oregon Coast. Emee and I were getting cabin fever, needing to go somewhere. It's still COVID times and we don't want to go far, so we opt for places within... Continue Reading →

A visit to Lacamas Park, 21 March 2021

Camera: Olympus Pen EES-2. Film: Fuji Industrial 100. I've probably mentioned this before, but I've been doing my damndest to visit parks and natural areas in the area that either I haven't been to before, or haven't been to in a long time. It's too easy to just go to obvious and popular places, even... Continue Reading →

Twenty Years in Portland

SolTerra Building, SE Division St, 1 March 2021. Agfa Isolette/Kodak Ektar 100 April 4, 2001, I'm dropped off in Portland via Amtrak's Empire Builder. After almost a quarter-century in Connecticut and an unsuccessful year in the Bay Area, I was ready to give Portland a go. I didn't know that much about The Rose City,... Continue Reading →

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