Three Speed Pub Crawl, Sat 25 Jan

Society Of Three Speeds

Hey there! Do you like three speed bicycles? Like riding three speed bicycles? Like imbibing adult beverages?

Come on this Three Speed Pub Crawl presented by Society of Three Speeds! We’ll hit up at least three pubs. The vague theme of the “crawl” is Scottish, with a dash of Lunar New Year thrown in.

This pub crawl will happen on Saturday January 25, 2020. We’ll start at 4 PM and go until about 8, or whenever our energy/desire runs out.

We’ll let you know where the start is about a week before the event. The route will be a mystery. The locations will all be on the east side of the Willamette River, not going more than three miles north or south of Burnside, and not going east of 82nd. End spot will be transit accessible.

This event is FREE, but all beverages will be paid for by YOU. And…

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Time to renew your Postcard Club for 2020

Hello friends! Many of you have signed up for Postcard Club. This is where I send about four (but sometimes five or six) different postcards throughout the calendar year. You'll get a unique postcard roughly every season, detailing the various events Urban Adventure League and Society of Three Speeds does. This is great for keeping… Continue reading Time to renew your Postcard Club for 2020


Time to "renew" your SoTS membership?

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello friends of three speeds! It is still true what I’ve said since 2013: Once a member, always a member of Society of Three Speeds.

But for those of you who purchased a membership around this time last year, one thing is going to expire: the bonuses. This means you won’t get any of the postcards I send through the year (four to six) or any other cool extras I may apply.

So now is a good time to “renew” your membership. For $15 plus shipping/handling, you’ll still another full year of postcards, plus any extras! All you need to be is an existing member of Society of Three Speeds. You can do that here. But if you don’t, no more postcards!

Psst! Are you a pre-2018 member, and want to get the cool new patch, buttons, and stickers you see above? Consider buying the Deluxe Membership for $30

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It's "Telegraph Tuesday" at the Urban Adventure League

Hello friends! Yes, the hub-bub of the Holiday shopping season has started. While it's easy to go to places like Amazon this week to get "deals", don't forget about the small businesses. And there ain't no smaller biz than me, the Urban Adventure League! I'm not offering any sizzling hot deals or promo codes this… Continue reading It's "Telegraph Tuesday" at the Urban Adventure League

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Pre-Sale on New Old Stock and Inktober comics, plus postcards, extended through Dec 1

Hello friends! My pre-order sales are being extended until Sunday December 1st. Still some time to get some good deals on cool stuff. Like: Another issue of NEW OLD STOCK, my regular comic-zine! PLUS…I’m ALSO collecting the small one-panel journal comics I did for this year’s Inktober Challenge! Together you can get them for just… Continue reading Pre-Sale on New Old Stock and Inktober comics, plus postcards, extended through Dec 1

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Why have I not embraced the Bantam?

I've owned my Bantam bicycle for just about four years. In 2011 the idea of owning a custom bike wasn't even in consideration. Fast forward four years and a custom bicycle became reality. I've ridden it near and far since 2015. It has gotten a lot of compliments in that time.* But I feel like… Continue reading Why have I not embraced the Bantam?

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Heading to New Haven, 20-25 Nov

Hello friends! It has come time for a visit back to the homeland. I'll be in and around New Haven, Connecticut from late Wednesday November 20th through Monday November 25th. The first few days I'll be pretty occupied, but should still have some free time. Are you in the area and want to hang? Let… Continue reading Heading to New Haven, 20-25 Nov