Winter photo challenge: Night Photography (15 Jan-28 Feb 2022)

Bikes and Film Cameras Club

Hello folks! It’s time for the first Bikes and Film Cameras Photo Challenge! This challenge is open to anyone who loves both bicycles and film photography. You don’t need to be a member of the club, but it wouldn’t hurt!

The theme for the winter challenge is Night Photography. Let’s see your shots from after dark! The challenge will happen from Saturday January 15th through Monday February 28th, 2022. All times local. Here’s the nitty gritty:

  • Photos need to be taken after sunset and before sunrise.
  • Photos need to be taken with a film camera. 35mm, 120, instant, it doesn’t matter what kind of film or what kind of film camera, as long as it was shot on film.
  • Photos need to be taken on a bike ride.
  • There doesn’t need to be a bicycle in the photo, but I won’t stop you if there is.
  • Photos should be taken…

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Bikes and Film Cameras Club WITH Samsung Maxima Zoom Camera in the Shop

Bikes and Film Cameras Club

Hello all! I’ve got a nice Samsung compact superzoom available with the club membership kit. The Samsung Maxima Zoom 105 is a compact 35mm camera released sometime during the 1990s. It features a 38-105mm zoom lens, autofocus, autoexposure, and built in flash. THIS FILM CAMERA HAS BEEN TESTED BY ME. You can see the results in the photos.

There is a slight defect in the camera–the lens cover does not automatically open. You can easily open it by flicking it with your fingers. You will just need to remember this every time you use the camera. Because of this, I’m offering the kit plus camera at a nice low price. Please note that there is no warranty on the camera.

The cost of the membership plus camera is $30 plus shipping. Pick it up here.

Because this kit comes with lithium batteries, your package will be shipped via ground USPS…

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New Website: Bikes and Film Cameras Club

Hello, folks! After doing the Bikes and Film Cameras Club for a half-year, I've decided to create a dedicated space for it. This is the same thing that happened with Society of Three Speeds: the content was here when I started it, then it moved to its own website in 2013. Don't worry: I will... Continue Reading →

New Shop and a coupon!

Society Of Three Speeds

Starting now, you’ll find all my goods on my Big Cartel site. To celebrate, I’m offering a one-week sale on Society of Three Speeds memberships, both Basic and Deluxe!

From now until Sunday, January 16th, use the code SOTSJAN22 to get 20% off! This code must be used at checkout to get the discount. Discount only on memberships, not on shipping. Discount does not apply to anything else in the Shop.

Thank you for your support!

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Three Speed April: No “journal” challenge, but a photo one

Society Of Three Speeds

My Raleigh Superbe, 26 Dec 2021. Olympus Pen EES-2/Kodak TMAX 400

Hello, friends of Three Speeds! I said on my 2021 wrap-up/2022 preview post that we would be doing only one true challenge this year, the October one. It’s a lot of work to put on one of these, and I only have bandwidth to manage one in a year.

However, I’ve decided there will still be some three speed fun in April! I’m going to bring back the Photo-Only Challenge. We did this once before, back in 2020 when pandemic was just starting and I didn’t know if it was wise to encourage people go out on bike rides.

The idea is to simply share photos online that fit the theme of the challenge. There will be four weekly prompts, plus a final “free week” at the end. The four prompts will be:

  • You and your three speed
  • Monochrome/black…

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BEWARE of bootleg Society of Three Speeds merchandise!

Society Of Three Speeds

Yesterday (Thursday 6 January) I was alerted by Society member Rowan in Blackpool, UK that there was someone selling t-shirts and mugs online emblazoned with the older (2018-20) SoTS logo. This was on one of those sites (like Zazzle, but not Zazzle) where you simply upload a design and can have stuff printed on demand. A quick DCMA takedown notice was sent to their legal department, and they took down the listing.

So I just want to remind you that there are only two “legit” places you can purchase Society of Three Speeds merch:

And the only thing currently for sale is the membership kit, which includes patch, stickers, pin, and a membership card. I don’t have any SoTS apparel right now, but someday I hope to.

Thank you all for your support!

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