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Palm Tree Ride is TOMORROW, Sunday January 26!

Just a reminder that the Palm Tree Ride is tomorrow! We ride in rain and not rain, so be prepared. The premise, as always, is the same: A 7 to 10 mile casual bicycle ride (not a loop) explorin’ the palm trees around town. I also throw in some other exotics and evergreens, like eucalypts,… Continue reading Palm Tree Ride is TOMORROW, Sunday January 26!

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January 2020 Sale: Bike stuff, electronics, cameras, more!

It's time for the never-ending sorting out what I need and don't, and purging the don't. Check out what I got, get in touch if you want. Important Notes: All prices listed DO NOT include shipping. Shipping will be done via USPS First-Class, Priority, or Parcel Post, depending. I'll ship anywhere, but you'll pay a… Continue reading January 2020 Sale: Bike stuff, electronics, cameras, more!


Three Speed Pub Crawl is THIS SATURDAY, January 25. Spots still available!

Society Of Three Speeds

Hey there! Do you like three speed bicycles? Like riding three speed bicycles? Like imbibing adult beverages? Then come on this Three Speed Pub Crawl presented by Society of Three Speeds!

The pub crawl is Saturday January 25 from 4 PM to about 8. We’ll hit up at least three pubs. The vague theme of the “crawl” is Scottish, with a dash of Lunar New Year thrown in.

We’ll let you know where the start is about a week before the event. The route will be a mystery. The locations will all be on the east side of the Willamette River, not going more than three miles north or south of Burnside, and not going east of 82nd. End spot will be transit accessible.

This event is FREE, but all beverages will be paid for by YOU. And maybe you should consider buying your ride leader a drink? 😉


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Slough Country Ramble: Saturday February 22, 11 AM

It's time to explore the further reaches of the Columbia Slough! This approximately 15 mile ride will feature sleepy reaches of this waterway, plus other secret spots. Not a loop but will end near transit/food/beverages. We'll meet at Parkrose/Sumner Transit Center at 11 AM (meet in front of the bridge to the MAX platform) and… Continue reading Slough Country Ramble: Saturday February 22, 11 AM

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Chehalem Range Ramble, Saturday March 14

Hello, friends! It's time to return to The Mountain, Chehalem that is. This small mountain "range" in the Willamette Valley rises 1,000 to 1,500 feet above the valley floor. It makes for a good ride. Will you join me? ***** The Chehalem Mountain Range is a small but relatively steep range dividing the Tualatin and… Continue reading Chehalem Range Ramble, Saturday March 14

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Break Stuff: Seatpost

I've broken many a thing on my bikes over the years: wheels, pedals, cranks, chains, handlebars, and even the frame (on two different occasions!) But I haven't broken a seatpost until now. Okay, I've broken part of a seatpost before, namely, the binder bolt. This has happened on two separate occasions, the last time right… Continue reading Break Stuff: Seatpost

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A Post-Inktober Update: Mid-January 2020

Hello folks! You may remember that I decided to take on Inktober, the month-long draw-with-actual-ink-on-actual-paper challenge last year. I managed to complete it, doing something every day. At the conclusion, I wondered how long I can keep on going with drawing at a regular clip. The answer: For quite a bit! I've been using that… Continue reading A Post-Inktober Update: Mid-January 2020