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Adventuring in the Western Suburbs

This past Wednesday found Emee and myself in the western suburb of Beaverton. The purpose? We were going to dinner at a fancy dumpling restaurant at Washington Square Mall, which is technically in neighboring Tualatin, but whatevs.* The westside suburbs is a place that I don't find myself in that frequently. If there's any suburban… Continue reading Adventuring in the Western Suburbs

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Slough Country Ramble: Still on!

Yes, just a reminder that yes, the Slough Country Ramble is still on! I would have only considered cancelling if there was snow/ice, or the forecast called for pouring rain all day. Tomorrow's forecast calls for showers, so be prepared for some wet. We meet tomorrow, Saturday February 16 at 11 AM at Cafe Eleven,… Continue reading Slough Country Ramble: Still on!

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Reminder: Slough Country Ramble Sat 16 Feb (?)

The days of me living in the Woodlawn neighborhood are numbered, which means my easy access to the beloved Columbia Slough. So to bid adieu to this region, I’ll be leading one of my favorite rides: The Slough Country Ramble! We’ll be meeting on Saturday February 16 at 11 AM at Cafe Eleven, 435 NE… Continue reading Reminder: Slough Country Ramble Sat 16 Feb (?)

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The kale, er, “snowpocalypse” a few days in.

Hot cocoa with bourbon after shoveling: It is nice being an adult! Yes, folks, you heard the news: It has snowed in Portland. But our fair city was ready, as shoppers cleaned the supermarkets of kale on Friday. I actually was shopping on that tragic day, and did bear witness to the eviscerated dairy case… Continue reading The kale, er, “snowpocalypse” a few days in.


A Three Speed By the Bay

Society Of Three Speeds

fb262cbd-c138-4258-af8f-2e50c422f233-1Astute readers may have noticed I decided to bring my Raleigh Superbe with me on this trip to the Bay Area. A three speed in hilly San Francisco? Why yes, I am a little nutty. But I had brought my Bantam on my last trip, and the Crested Butte might be a wee bit too much. So why not a three speed?

As El Presidente of Society of Three Speeds, I often hear from folks that they could not own a three speed because their city is too hilly. And if I’m going to sell the club and prove that three speeds are viable city bikes, I needed to walk the walk not just talk the talk. (Or I guess ride the ride!) So San Francisco seemed like a good enough candidate!

And how did I do? Fine! I didn’t feel like the Superbe hindered me in my enjoyment of…

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From 2014: Rambling ’round the margins in Cathedral Park

NOTE: Blog Housekeeping! This post for a ramble I did on August 20, 2014 has sat in my Drafts folder for almost five years! Guess I wanted to add more. But I feel that this one is a pretty good one as is, so it should see the light of day. Also, there's a few… Continue reading From 2014: Rambling ’round the margins in Cathedral Park