A quick look back at 2021

Self-Portrait at Errol Creek Headwaters, 20 November 2021. Olympus 35 RD/Kodak ColorPlus 200.

Hello friends! I’ve already documented my 2021 in bicycles, bike touring, journal comix, and cameras/film, so here’s a general reflection of the past year. And what a year it was. We are still not done with pandemic and the weirdness it presents. I got more comfortable hanging out with folks, but Omicron has put a damper on social activities. As it was, Emee and I were going to head up to Seattle for the New Year (as part of my annual “get out of town for the New Year” tradition), but Omicron combined with cold and snow cancelled all that.

Now it is time for me to think about the good things that happened to me in 2021. And there were some good ones:

  • I didn’t catch COVID. Whew.
  • Emee and I got in some good trips. We hit up the coast a few times, stayed at the Cove Palisades resort in Central Oregon, yurt-camped at Lost Lake Resort near Mount Hood for the first time, and two more distant trips: Boise (my first time!) and Southern California (San Diego, which I only visited once in 2003, and Los Angeles, which I last visited in 2009.)
  • And I got in some bike trips, too. You can read more about them in the separate post.
  • Business wise, things were good. My Etsy shop did some good sales this year, but there’s always room for improvement. I hope that in a few years art and such can support me full-time.
  • With PedalPalooza starting in June, this year saw the return of my bike rides. I hadn’t led a bike ride since February 2020, making a year and a third with no rides, the longest “drought” since starting the Urban Adventure League in 2004. I managed seven rides this year, a goodly amount.
  • And I formed a new club! Bikes and Film Cameras is going good, with about fifty members already.

Okay, I will talk about my goals for 2022 in an upcoming post. Have a happy New Year!

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