Bikes and Film Cameras Club

Woo-hoo! Bikes and Film Cameras Club now has its own website. Go here to see.

I’ve been into bicycles for the last couple decades. And over the past year a passion for film photography has grown inside of me. I love taking photos on my rides. And I know there’s many of you out there who have a similar passion for bicycles and film photography. So why not a club?

Introducing the Bikes and Film Cameras Club!

This club is open to anyone who shares a love of bicycles and film cameras. It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you ride, or what kind of film cameras you shoot with, you are welcome in the “club”. And like the other “clubs” I create, it’s an informal organization. Yes, there’s a nominal fee to join, but there’s no boring meetings and minutes and such.

When you join the Bikes and Film Cameras Club, you’ll get:

  • A membership card
  • Two stickers
  • A photo journal printed by Scout Books
  • A subscription to the electronic newsletter

As for events, I intend to have several informal Photo Challenges throughout the year. These can be done anywhere, but the intent would be to take pics on a bike ride with any type of film camera.

In the Portland area, I intend to have several Bikes and Film Cameras rides throughout the year, most likely each season. These rides will be casual affairs of anywhere from 5 to 20 miles. Some rides will be on certain themes, like Night Photography. There will be ample stops (because: photography), breaks, and perhaps a spot with food and drink at the end.

The Bikes And Film Cameras Club is open to all types of cyclists who use all types of film cameras anywhere in the world!

Membership is just $15 USD plus shipping/handling. You can purchase a membership here.

Updated 11 January 2022

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