On prints and darkrooms: An end of January film photography debate

Shogren Wall, 16 Jan 2023 Olympus XA/Fuji C200 Up until about the mid-nineties, unless you were getting slide film processed, the default method of receiving and viewing what you shot on film was prints. They were tangible items, a physical record of an analog format. I remember when I managed the Electronics/Cameras Department at the... Continue Reading →

Midnite Bicycle League 2023: My first ride, Thursday January 19th

It took a little while before I could get my act together and ride the first ride for my Midnite Bicycle League Challenge. The motivation for after-dark riding if I'm not already out of the house isn't usually there. But on Thursday January 19th, I found motivation: I needed to pick up something from the... Continue Reading →

The small notebook man

It's paralleled my move from bigger sketchbooks (letter size) to smaller (A5) to even smaller (A6) sketchbooks: Most of my notebooks are now pocket sized. I've had a pocket-sized Rite In The Rain notebook in my back pocket for a decade or so, as this all-weather book is great for quick notes. But up to... Continue Reading →

My War Against Rain Gear, Part Umpteen

I've lived in Portland for almost twenty-two years, and for all of those years, I've been an all-year, all-weather cyclist. And if you are an all-weather cyclist in Portland, that means you're going to have to deal with rain. Rain is the default weather from sometime in October (or November if we're lucky) to sometime... Continue Reading →

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