My first week of the Three Speed October 2016 challenge

Hey all! Just finished up my first week of the very challenge I created. It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t participate, right? 😉 And for those of you who are all like “But Shawn, didn’t this thing start last week?” Well, if you read the rules as carefully as I wrote them (oh, snap!) you’ll know that you just need to complete three calendar weeks between October 2 and November 5. So there are five possible weeks to do this challenge!

So what did my first week look like?

  1. Monday 10 October: A pretty simple affair, about 15 miles round trip to and from work with a few errands on the way. I took my Raleigh Superbe since, well, it’s my only three speed! It was a decent October day in these parts, with a high near 60F/16C. I decided to class things up by wearing my Harris Tweed jacket. Now you don’t necessarily need to wear tweed when riding a three speed, but it sure don’t hurt!
  2. Tuesday 11 October: An eight mile ride done as part of the Coffeeneuring challenge. You can see the detailed report of this ride here.
  3. Wednesday 12 October: A 13 mile loop, hitting up work (due to work meeting). Another nice day, mid 60’s. It’s the last nice day for awhile!

So there you have it. Two more weeks to go!

And for those of you participating, make sure you log in those rides!

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