Islands Bound…

Hello friends! It's time for another bike adventure! This evening, Sunday September 25, I will board Amtrak and head north to Seattle. After spending the night, I'll hop on the ferry (Victoria Clipper) and head to Vancouver Island! I'll be spending a day in Victoria, then do a loop on the SE part of the... Continue Reading →

ANNOUNCING: The Three Speed October Challenge!

Society Of Three Speeds

threespeedoct2016stickerflatIntroducing a little challenge! You of course realize that I love all things three speed. But here’s the thing: I love three speeds as bikes to ride, as transportation. Not as things to gawk at or pull out just for “special” rides. Nosiree! So to encourage folks to get on their three speeds and ride, I introduce a li’l challenge: THREE SPEED OCTOBER!

The premise is simple: Ride your three speed during the month of October! Here are the basic stipulations of this challenge:

  1. Ride a three speed bicycle
  2. Three times a week during a calendar week (Sunday through Saturday)
  3. At least three miles (5 km) each trip
  4. For at least three weeks
  5. Between Sunday October 2 and Saturday November 5 2016
  6. At least one ride a week should be for utility/errands/commuting

And those of you who successfully complete the challenge will get something! Three lucky folk will win memberships…

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6th Annual Coffeeneuring Challenge: The Spirit of Coffeeneuring

Coffeeneuring is almost here!

Now in its sixth year, the Chasing Mailboxes Coffeeneuring Challenge is a relaxed cycling endeavor for people everywhere. If you like riding a bike and enjoy drinking coffee or tea (or even hot chocolate or cider), consider this challenge.

In a nod to the French as well as randonneuring, the Coffeeneuring Challenge has its share of rules. Don’t let them intimidate you, though. As those who have successfully completed the challenge will attest, they are all manageable. Essentially the challenge boils down to this:

  • over the course of 7 weeks,
  • ride your bike 7 different places,
  • at least 2 miles round-trip each time,
  • drink 7 cups of coffee (or similar), and
  • take 7 pictures as proof of your coffeeneuring.

Complete rules are updated from last year, and include a big change I think many will like (see Rule 4). “Theme Within a Theme” received such positive response last year that it continues as an…

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More stuff for sale: Tires and shifters

Well friends, there are still bits and bobs that can be purged from the parts bins! If you are interested, either leave a comment or email me at Payment can be done via Paypal. Shipping not included, please include your zip code with inquiry to get a shipping rate. Local pickup in Portland, Oregon... Continue Reading →

Where did summer go?

Labor Day is done, and with that, the end of "official" summer in the United States. And man, the weather this weekend felt downright fall like, with a high struggling to hit 70F/21C, and the first real rain we've seen in awhile. Compare that to the week previous when it topped out at 100F/38C! If... Continue Reading →

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