My second week of the Three Speed October 2016 challenge

Hello fine folks! I just wrapped up another week of riding my Raleigh Superbe to qualify for my very own Three Speed October 2016 challenge! How did this week look? Wednesday 19 October: 23.8 miles total, as my Coffeeneuring Ride 3. Thursday 20 October: 11.9 miles total, work commute. Friday 21 October: 15.9 miles total,... Continue Reading →

Coffeeneuring Ride 4: 21 Oct 2016, in which I join PDX Coffee Outside

It seems like a lot of cities have gotten into the weekly morning bikes and coffee thing. Whether it's the more refined East Coast deal of meeting up at a coffee shop, or the more western "let's brew our coffee outdoors", it's become a thing. And while we've done random morning coffee outsides here, there... Continue Reading →

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