Three Speed October: Did you participate? It’s time to check in.

Society Of Three Speeds

bearbearprizepackageHello friends! Yeah, this is long overdue, as the Challenge itself ended two weeks ago. What can I say, it’s been an interesting couple weeks. Now is time for me to get back on top of all this.

Did you participate in the Three Speed October challenge? Please get in touch. Summarize your rides thusly:

Week One

  1. Tuesday: 7 mile trek down to the river on the Superbe.
  2. Wednesday: 4 mile grocery shop run on the Twenty.
  3. Friday: 10 mile round-trip commute with the DL-1.

etc, etc.

And in order for you to get the prize package, you will need to let me know your postal address! Even if you think I already have it, please let me know again. (Because maybe you moved without telling me? 😉  )

Submit those reports to If you posted these rides elsewhere, make sure you include some links to where they be…

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