Coffeeneuring Ride 2, 15 Oct 2016: Braving the “Ides of October” Storm

Saturday October 15, storm day. There was much talk that this storm passing over Cascadia, remnants of a typhoon, could be something like the fabled Columbus Day Storm of 1962. Unfortunately (or fortunately) that wasn’t the case, as the storm was weaker than initially thought. Still, it was windy that day. The ride I originally planned to go on that day (I got the day off) got cancelled, so I stayed home, working on projects.

But eventually I wanted to get out of the house, if even for a little while. And why not try a li’l coffee outside action? If not for anything else, I wanted to see if my Trangia 27 camp stove set lived up to the title of “stormcooker”. So I headed for the nearest park, Woodlawn Park. Woodlawn Park has the added benefit of shelter from the rain.

I left the house around 3, right when the peak gusts were hitting Portland. Not hurricane force like predicted, but still somewhere in the 40 to 50 mile range. Gusty. As I rode around the neighborhood, watching trees blow around, I thought to myself, “How stupid am I right now?”

I got to Woodlawn Park. The Bic lighter* was not doing the trick in lighting the Trangia burner, but the stormproof matches did. (Truth in advertising.) The teakettle got going while I ground some coffee (some Trader Joe’s Tanzania, which is pretty darn good if I say so myself.) My choice for brew method this time around was pour-over (via GSI thingee), which was probably not the best idea on such a windy day. (Using my small camping French Press would have been smarter.) Still, the water boiled, and I made some coffee, which I enjoyed. Well, enjoyed was a strong word, as it was more “drink it down before the wind kicks up again”.

And then home. Just a hair over two miles to qualify for the challenge. Next time my Coffeeneuring Challenge ride won’t be so exciting!

*I have a love/hate with Bic.

4 thoughts on “Coffeeneuring Ride 2, 15 Oct 2016: Braving the “Ides of October” Storm

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  1. That same storm slammed into Sacramento Ca leaving record amounts of rainfall in the area. Bicycling was on hold for a couple of days unless you just love very windy wet. Bic pens are guaranteed to be 1. bought at the store, 2. work when you try it to see if it will work, 3. stop writing the moment you get that important phone call with instructions you need to remember, stop writing when you are making out the grocery list. And you can see it is full of ink. Glad to see you made it out in these rigorous conditions and am glad you didn’t get hurt.

  2. You are far braver than I, 180 miles north I decided on to a) ride on Sunday and b) take my Coffee inside for ride #2. I can’t decided if I am disappointed or relieved at the Storms lack of “epic-ness”

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