October 2020 Art Self-Challenge: One Week In

Hello, friends. You may notice that I’m no longer using the title Inktober when it comes to this “draw every day in the month of October” self-challenge. Why is that? Well, it’s come to my attention that the founder of the aforementioned challenge has some…issues. Firstly, he copyrighted the name last year (after it had been a thing for ten years) under the auspices of “retaining intellectual property”. That’s all well and good, but that means there’s now a legal grey area when it comes to using that tag on things I create. There have been reports of “cease and desist” letters sent to artists who used the Inktober tag on their work. I don’t feel like being on the receiving end of that.*

And even more damning, he’s published an art instruction book that has been accused of plagiarism. See this article and this article for more information. Whether or not the plagiarism accusation is true is not for me to decide, that’d be done in a court of law.

I didn’t notice this controversy brewing since I’m not really involved in that community, and my mind has been occupied by bigger dumpster fires. But I don’t want to add anything else to it, so I am no longer using that hashtag or referring to what I’m doing as “Inktober”. But I still like this idea of challenging myself to draw every day for the month of October. So I’m still going to continue on in the spirit of the challenge, but not use its name. I had a good feeling after participating last year, and want to feel that way again, especially in this dumpster fire of a year.

And yes, I have drawn daily this last week. And feel good about it. I hope to continue it through this month, and as long as I can after it. I know that life can get in the way, but I’ll do what I can. Hope you enjoy!

Journal Comic, 6 Oct 2020. Eddie.

*And it’s not the first time I got a “cease and desist” letter. The irony of that is: the law firm who sent it would be the sponsor of an event I worked for, years later.

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