Adding more color to my art

Drawing with colored pencils at the cafe I've had a pretty interesting journey with color in my artwork. When I was a wee laddie I did the usual crayons and tempera paint, sure. But even then, pen and ink appealed to me more. In my high school years, I tackled all the mediums sent to... Continue Reading →

A fountain pen update: A tour of starter pens

Pens from left to right: Platinum Preppy 03, Platinum Plaisir, Teranishi Guitar, Waterman Allure/Graduate, Sailor Hi-Ace Neo, Kaweco Sport (plastic and brass) I've had an obsession with stationery since I was a wee lad, roaming the streets of the Lower Naugatuck Valley back in Connecticut. Any visit to a store like Kmart or Caldor involved... Continue Reading →

Bikeartober 2022, so far

Hey folks. If you follow my flickr or Instagram (or even tumblr!) you'll see my daily entries to the Bikeartober Challenge as they happen. But maybe you only look at my blog. Ok then, here are the posts so far. View the dynamic flickr album for all of them (this will update automatically with whatever... Continue Reading →

An April Art Update: Dip pens

It's been a few months that I checked up with you fine folk about my art journey. Last time I spoke about rediscovering watercolors. I'm still having fun with them, though I haven't done it as much as hoped. While one can do watercolors quickly, I like reserving a couple hours for painting. Pen and... Continue Reading →

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