Three Speed October 2020: Today is the absolute last day to start!

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello, friends of three speeds! Today, Tuesday October 20th, is a big deadline day for the challenge. Today is both the absolute last day to start, and also the last day you can register!

  • Yes, today is absolute latest possible day to START the challenge if you want to get in ALL the rides. You’ll need to:
    • Ride Tuesday October 20 (today!), Wednesday October 21, and Thursday October 22 (your Week One)
    • Ride three rides during your Week Two (Friday October 23 to Thursday October 29)
    • Use the Make-Up Weekend as your Week Three, and ride on Friday October 30, Saturday October 31, and Sunday November 1
  • Today is also the DEADLINE to register. I’ll be shutting down the registration after this. And DON’T WAIT TO DO A RIDE UNTIL YOU GET YOUR REPORTING JOURNAL! Just ride your rides, record them somewhere else, and put them in the journal…

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