October 2020 Art Self-Challenge: Sputtering to a close

Hello all. Besides today being Halloween, today is the last day of Inktober. I’ve been doing my own thing with that challenge, not even calling it by the same name. I had the intent of making one journal comic a day for this month. The reality turned out different. I’ve missed about a week’s worth of comics, give or take.

This is okay. I told myself at the beginning of the month that I was okay with not drawing every day. And to be truthful, I wasn’t as into the Challenge this time around. Why is that? Well, there’s the whole brouhaha with the founder of Inktober that I went over here. That sapped a lot of enthusiasm from the get-go. But I think the bigger thing is that last year’s Inktober pushed me into the daily journal comic habit. Since I’ve already been doing that for a year, this time the challenge simply wasn’t as important.

I’ll still continue to draw my journal comics. I will be sloppy sometimes and skip days, possibly a week or two. But I should still be back at it at some point. This is because I like doing it, and don’t need a challenge to keep going. Doing things just for a Challenge can be fun, but it’s no guarantee that you’ll keep it up after the initial goal is met.

Enjoy the comics that I have drawn for the month!

Journal Comic, 6 Oct 2020. Eddie.

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