Inktober 2020

Tomorrow is the start of (r)Oc(k)tober, so that means a month of Inktober. On a whim, I decided to participate last year, just to see how it'd go. I didn't follow any of the official daily prompts. Instead, I drew what I felt like. It quickly turned into a daily journal comic. That was nice.... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Ricoh 35 ZF

It's time again to say farewell to another camera. This time, the Ricoh 35 ZF leaves the flock. I didn't have it long, only acquiring it in late June. A "summer fun" camera, I guess. That wasn't exactly the intention, but after shooting a half-dozen rolls or so, I've come to the conclusion that the... Continue Reading →

Three Speed October 2020 starts today!

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello friends! Yes, today marks the beginning of the 2020 Three Speed October Challenge. From now until Sunday November 1st:

  1. Ride a three speed bicycle
  2. Three times a week
  3. At least three miles (5 km) each trip
  4. For at least three weeks during the duration of the challenge
  5. During a five-week period that centers around the month of October

You can find full details (everything you wanted to know!) over here.

And you can register like thus:

A few things to note:

  • Yes, you still have plenty of time to register! I’ll keep registration open for most of the time of the challenge. But please register as soon as you can! The sooner you register, the sooner I can…

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The update: Fresh air again.

The last couple weeks here in Portland have been hard. No doubt you've heard about the wildfires that raged (and are still somewhat raging) in Oregon. Exploding over the Labor Day weekend, driven by high winds and dry air, the fires have burned up an area larger than the size of Rhode Island (for non-Americans,... Continue Reading →

Growing the hair out

Self-Portrait, Kenilworth Park. 28 Aug 2020. Camera: Olympus XA2. Film: Ilford HP5+ 400. Since stay at home became a thing, I've seen a lot of #pandemicbeards on the social medias. Why bother shaving when you can't go anywhere? That's not for me. I don't like beards, so looking like a member of ZZ Top is... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Pentax IQZoom 170SL

From the The Dalles Ramble, Leap Day 2020. It's one of my favorite shots of the year, and it was shot on the Pentax IQZoom 170SL. (Espio 170SL) Another camera departs the flock. This time it was my Pentax IQZoom 170SL, known as the Espio 170SL outside of North America. I got this camera way... Continue Reading →

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