2018 in review: Life and all that.

Hello friends. Previously I talked about my 2018 travels. That of course is only part of the picture of the past year. So now I’ll go ahead and talk about the other bits and bobs of the year that just passed:

The biggest news for me in 2018 is that I first reduced the hours at the hostel, then left it totally in November. This change felt like a long time coming, but it was only until this year that I had the will to make it happen. In its place I’m doing contract work and making a go with art and being creative. It of course isn’t the easiest thing to do, but I feel much happier than I did when I was working at the hostel. Money has been tight, but that was to be expected. (But if you feel bad about that, perhaps you should check out what I have available in my shop! Or consider hiring me to draw you something.)

Freeing up my time has led me to concentrate on my much-neglected art and other creative outlets. I’ve been drawing more in the past three months than I had in the past three years! This feels real good. I know I’ve always been “an artist”, but it’s been a long time since I felt like one.

And I am still in a happy and healthy relationship with my love, Emee. It’s been a good eighteen months. And she has been really supportive of me and my decisions. It’s much harder to make big changes in my life without being in a good place, or having someone who doesn’t think you’re silly for pursuing your dreams. (I can be silly in other ways, though. 😉 )

Looking back at the goals I laid out in for this year, I realize that a lot hadn’t been met. I didn’t bike more, I didn’t camp or tour as much as hoped (and didn’t get in a backpacking trip), and no, I didn’t save more money or eat particularly healthier.* But you know what? That doesn’t matter as much. Right now the two biggest things to me are: being in love with and awesome person and getting out of the rut I had found myself in since about 2013. I’m getting out of that rut, and figuring out what comes next. I’m excited for the future. And I hope all of you are also excited too, not just for me, but for yourself.

*I did ride a populaire, and did draw more, so I’m not a complete failure, right? 😉

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