Three Speed Day Tour, Saturday 20 April

Society Of Three Speeds

I’ve talked about doing a longer day ride for some time, no better time than now!

Calling all three speed enthusiasts from the Northwest: Join me for a 25 to 35 mile ramble on Saturday April 20th! Destination: Oregon City, where we can have a fine lunch, use America’s favorite municipal elevator, tour the promenade, and see the Falls. Then we ride back to Portland. Lovely!

This ride is open to all bikes that have a three speed internal geared hub. Hub and bike can be of any age and from any country. We also accept four and five speed internal geared hubs, but nothing larger. No derailleur equipped bicycles unless: a) it is on a Brompton or b) derailleur acts as chain tensioner.

You do not need to be a member of Society of Three Speeds to be on the ride. If you are not a member, you can purchase…

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Challenge Cycling

I've mentioned previously how I've grown soft in my cycling over the past few years. I used to do more tours, I used to do more longer rides. I'm not particularly thrilled by this, but what to do? One thing that's worked for other folks is to take up a particular challenge. This could be... Continue Reading →

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