A general update for the end of February

Ah, February. In like a lion, out like a lamb, right? Oh wait, that's March. Anyways, after a fairly mild and dry winter, February has been meh for weather. We had a bit of snow a couple weeks ago, and the last few days have featured the "threat of snow". I saw flurries, but nothing... Continue Reading →

Bike Touring Workshop, Sat Mar 2: Two Spots Left!

Hey folks! My Bike Touring Workshop on Saturday March 2, 2019, from 10:30 AM to 1 PM. It's filled up nicely, but there are two spots are still available! It will be held at Golden Pliers Cyclery, the newish bike shop and cafe at 1451 N Skidmore St (right near the Prescott Station on the... Continue Reading →

A trip to Rockaway Beach

Emee and I had a busy time last weekend. Right after I led my Slough Country Ramble, we high tailed it to the coast! The main reason was that her son was having a birthday celebration at his dad's house in Manzanita, located on the north Oregon Coast. The ride out to the coast wasn't... Continue Reading →

Adventuring in the Western Suburbs

This past Wednesday found Emee and myself in the western suburb of Beaverton. The purpose? We were going to dinner at a fancy dumpling restaurant at Washington Square Mall, which is technically in neighboring Tualatin, but whatevs.* The westside suburbs is a place that I don't find myself in that frequently. If there's any suburban... Continue Reading →

Slough Country Ramble: Still on!

Yes, just a reminder that yes, the Slough Country Ramble is still on! I would have only considered cancelling if there was snow/ice, or the forecast called for pouring rain all day. Tomorrow's forecast calls for showers, so be prepared for some wet. We meet tomorrow, Saturday February 16 at 11 AM at Cafe Eleven,... Continue Reading →

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