A quick look back at 2021

Self-Portrait at Errol Creek Headwaters, 20 November 2021. Olympus 35 RD/Kodak ColorPlus 200. Hello friends! I've already documented my 2021 in bicycles, bike touring, journal comix, and cameras/film, so here's a general reflection of the past year. And what a year it was. We are still not done with pandemic and the weirdness it presents.... Continue Reading →

A year in review: 2019

Time flies, we still keep on getting older. Here I stand again, looking back on another year, this one now "the end of the decade".* Such significance, such weight. As has been my custom, I like to look back on the past year, what was good, what was bad. Here's a brief blow-by-blow look at... Continue Reading →

2017 year in review

It's over, right? 2017? Whew! What a year! Despite the overall nature of world events, I managed to have a pretty good year. Better than the past several. So this won't be another one of those "woe is me" posts, no. I'll concentrate (mostly) on the positive. JANUARY Man, it was a very snowy and... Continue Reading →

Looking back on my 2015

Well friends, we are just days away from 2016. I can't wait. I always relish the change a new year can bring (though I don't care much for "election years" anymore). So it's customary at this point to look back and see what 2015 looked like. Overall, 2015 was an okay year, not bad, not... Continue Reading →

An open letter: My 2013 in review

It's customary for most people to reflect on the year that has just passed, and I am no different. Through this blog and other online channels like my flickr account, you, the reader, probably got a flavor of what my year was like. There were definitely some high points, like: My two big bike tours,... Continue Reading →

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