Coffeeneuring 2016, Ride 6: Fri 4 Nov, or #pdxcoffeeoutside again

We’re nearing the home stretch of Coffeeneuring! Just a few more rides to do before I “win” and get my patch!

Well, the dudes behind #pdxcoffeeoutside put out the notice on Thursday November 3 that they would be at the “Dog Bowl” at 7 am on Friday morning. The Dog Bowl is the most popular name for the horseshoe shaped natural area on N Willamette Blvd, what I lovingly refer to as Rivendell Ridge. I could feasibly work in Coffee Outside on my way to work, so I went for it!

And man,  7 am on the Friday before Daylight Savings Time ends is DARK. We had to do everything with flashlights or lamps. Can’t wait until we are back to Standard Time!* And my Esbit tablets were for some reason not igniting properly, so I needed to make several goes at it. But it finally worked, and I got the water to boil for coffee!

7:30 am and it was finally light. And that was my cue to scramble along so I could get to work “fashionably late”. But I hope to do #pdxcoffeeoutside again soon!

By the numbers, Coffeeneuring Ride #6, Friday 4 November 2016

  • Ride distance: About 9 miles total from home to work, coffee stop about 3 miles in
  • Location: Dog Bowl
  • Weather: Clear though bits of fog, high 40s/low 50s.
  • Bike: Bantam Rambleneur
  • Coffee: Five Points “High Score” blend
  • Prepared by: Boiling water with Esbit stove and using GSI travel French Press

And as you’ll note above, with using the Bantam, I have now successfully used all four of my active bikes in the fleet. And with French Press, I have prepared coffee outside in three different ways (the other two pour over and Esbit coffee machine.) So now I have completed my two “personal challenges” within my Coffeeneuring 2016 participation!

And one more ride to go before I complete the full challenge!

*I know that by the time of Solstice we’ll be back to dark at 7 am. Please don’t remind me.

2 thoughts on “Coffeeneuring 2016, Ride 6: Fri 4 Nov, or #pdxcoffeeoutside again

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  1. I’m kind of excited that it’ll be light before I get to work again for a while!

    And, whatever happened to sunrise coffee? It seems like now is the time for it, for those who don’t want to wake up so super early;)

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