Coffee Outside, Fremont Bridge, Fri 10 Feb 2017

You may have remembered during my participation during the Coffeeneuring Challenge last fall that I hit up a new regularly occurring weekly coffee outside meetup, cleverly called PDX Coffee Outside. (Go here and here for reports.) Last time I participated was right before Election Day, and PDX Coffee Outside went on hiatus for a couple months. They started back up towards the end of January, and finally I managed to crawl out of bed on Friday at the god-awful hour of six am* to participate!

The morning was cloudy and cool but not cold, mid 40’s. There was the threat of showers, so the coffee outside folks chose the spot on the westside waterfront path under the Fremont Bridge as the meetup. When I arrived at seven, there were three other dudes, including Paul who is in town from the Twin Cities to go to UBI for a course. And since he didn’t have a way to make coffee, he wisely brought donuts!

Over the forty-five minutes I was there, Paul left and a few other people showed up. We moved from beside the bridge to under the bridge when the threatened shower did come through, though because the Fremont Bridge is so high, it didn’t provide much cover. Oh well. It was still fun!

And yeah, it is nice to get up early once in awhile. The ride down to the Fremont took about a half hour and was pleasant, despite the fierce headwind,** and the half hour ride from there to work was also nice. Since my regular bike route doesn’t go to downtown or traverse the regular bikeways, I see few other cyclists on a usual morning ride. But this morning, there were cyclists everywhere! And of course, it’s nice to hang out with other folks over coffee.

I hope to do more Friday Coffee Outsides from now on. And my Friday morning work schedule is shifting a bit, so it will be easier to do so. Now if spring would just get here. 😉

*No, I am not a morning person. And it took all my willpower to not hit snooze again and again and again until 6:45.

**This is why I brought the Trangia 27 Stormcooker stove set today!


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