New (and old) postcards back in my store!

Hello friends! Just wanted to let you fine folks know that I have a couple new postcards in my store! Check out the "Rambleneur" postcard, plus a bucolic scene with a three speed. Oh yeah, my Bud Clark postcard is back in stock too! Each postcard is $2 USD plus shipping. Or get all three... Continue Reading →

Coffeeneuring 2016, Ride 6: Fri 4 Nov, or #pdxcoffeeoutside again

We're nearing the home stretch of Coffeeneuring! Just a few more rides to do before I "win" and get my patch! Well, the dudes behind #pdxcoffeeoutside put out the notice on Thursday November 3 that they would be at the "Dog Bowl" at 7 am on Friday morning. The Dog Bowl is the most popular... Continue Reading →

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