Coffee Outside at Columbia Park, and a ride to Kelley Point, 11 March 2023

Coffeeneuring Station at Kelley Point Park. That's an Esbit stove/pot kit with Solo brass alcohol stove. 11 March 2023. Minolta XG-7, Rokkor MD 50mm f/1.7 lens, Cinestill 400D It was obvious: I needed a good ride. After almost two weeks off the bike, a few short rides were not going to do the trick. And... Continue Reading →

PDX Coffee Outside at South Waterfront Park, 11 Feb 2023

The set-up. No, I didn't bring the Coleman stove nor the cast-iron. Olympus XA/ORWO Wolfen NC500 Saturday February 11th was shaping up to be a beautiful day in Portland. It started a bit gloomy but mild, then got very sunny and about 50F/10C. I was leading my Bikes and Film Cameras Club Ride that morning,... Continue Reading →

PDX Coffee Outside, 12 Feb 2022

Ah, PDX Coffee Outside, I love you. Yet the last time I had participated in PDX Coffee Outside was the end of November. I had hoped to do one since then, but crappy weather through December and the Omicron surge through January (which cancelled the event) meant it didn't happen. So I was happy when... Continue Reading →

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