New zine alert: HALF-FRAME JOURNAL #1, my first photo zine!

After doing zines for almost twenty-five years, bike touring for over fifteen years, and film photography (seriously, again) for over a year, I figure it’s time to wrap all three of these things together!

You remember that I took a li’l tour down the Willamette Valley last month, yes? I did some journal comics about it that you already saw. I also took some color photos with my Pentax IQZoom 928, which you also may have already seen. But there was another camera taken for the trip: An Olympus Pen EES-2 loaded with Ilford XP2+ “black and white”1 film. I haven’t shared any of those photos yet, until now, and in this zine.

HALF-FRAME JOURNAL is intended to be a semi-regular series of zines featuring photographs from my half-frame camera, an Olympus Pen EES-2, along with drawings and comix from my pocket-sized (A6) sketchbook.

This PRE-ORDER is at a special low price of $4. The zine should ship in September. After the pre-order is over, the price will be $6. So get in on the pre-order now to save a couple bucks!

You can pre-order HALF-FRAME JOURNAL here on Etsy. Thank you for your support!

1 I use “quotes” because XP2+ isn’t true black-and-white film, but chromogenic black-and-white film. This film is designed to be developed the same way as color, using the C-41 process. So minilabs can quickly develop this stock.

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