On journal comix and entering October

As I've mentioned many times, I am a bad "sketchbooker". I'm not one of those people who compulsively draws. I'm not like friends of mine who will crack open a sketchbook every time they sit down in a social setting (partially due to their desire to draw, partially due to social anxiety.) I have to... Continue Reading →

The October Three Speed Ride has been CANCELLED, and a bit about the future of in-Portland Society events

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello friends, due to low engagement I’ve decided to cancel the Three Speed Ride originally scheduled for Sunday October 10th. I’m bummed, but I need to direct my energies appropriately. I was hoping that the pent-up demand for organized bike rides as COVID restrictions loosened would mean a lot of people would want to ride a three speed here in town. But we only had four folks for my summer ride, and the fall one was turning out to be the same amount of folks. This is not a sustainable number for these events.

It’s clear that I can’t just assume it would be “business as usual” again when it comes to Three Speed Rides in Portland. I can’t simply repeat the pattern I did before pandemic. Even then, numbers were dwindling. I am very grateful that I have a core group of folks who show up for these things…

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Three Speed October starts NOW (or really yesterday)

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello friends of three speeds! The annual Three Speed October Challenge started yesterday, Sunday October 26th. And I am here to remind you that it is not too late to register if you want in on the action! You can find all registration info here.

Yesterday I took my first ride of the challenge, as detailed below.

There are a few other reports of first rides that happened on Sunday. While reporting via the written mail-in journal is still required, I highly encourage folks to share their rides on the internet as well. If you post to Instagram, please tag with #3spdoct21 If you blog or post elsewhere on the internet, let me know when you post and I’ll try to share.

Below are Instagram posts from Sunday tagged with #3spdoct21

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Boise trip: The photo report

Camel's Back Park, Boise. 16 September 2021. Olympus XA2/Kodak ProImage 100 The last time I flew was in November of 2019, a visit back to New Haven. Not only was this trip pre-COVID, but it was pre-film (or post-pre-film?) I of course wanted to bring a film camera or two to document my Boise, Idaho... Continue Reading →

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