On prints and darkrooms: An end of January film photography debate

Shogren Wall, 16 Jan 2023 Olympus XA/Fuji C200 Up until about the mid-nineties, unless you were getting slide film processed, the default method of receiving and viewing what you shot on film was prints. They were tangible items, a physical record of an analog format. I remember when I managed the Electronics/Cameras Department at the... Continue Reading →

Introducing the Olympus XA into my camera stable

I already went ahead and got the fancy Gordy's camera strap for my Olympus XA! This month marks three years back into film photography. When I got back into it, I thought I'd be only attracted to big, bulky, metallic cameras like my Minolta Hi-Matic 7s and Minolta SR-T 101. And I am still attracted... Continue Reading →

A Stub Stewart Hike, 2 Jan 2023

Happy 2023, everyone! Hope that this will be a good year. (Fingers crossed.) Emee and I stayed home this year. After a decade-plus of being out of town every New Years, this is still a big deal to me. Perhaps we'll restart this tradition again. Anyways, Emee's friends decided to do a hike on Monday... Continue Reading →

My best photos 2022

Textured Trees, NE 11th Ave north of Knott, 16 Dec 2022. I really like how this shot came out. While the day was bright, sunny, and cloudless, this street was covered with heavy shade. It almost looks like a night shot with flash, but nope. (I added about a stop of exposure in post.)Camera: Ricohflex... Continue Reading →

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