My personal Midnite Bicycle League Challenge 2020 Recap

Hello there! I realize that I haven’t really done an official report on my five #midnitebicycleleague2020 rides. What better time then now to do it!

Ride 1: Monday 3 Dec 2020 This was a 4.5 mile ride with Emee to Los Gorditos Tacqueria on SE Division St and SE 50th Ave for burrito acquistion. I rode my Schwinn Heavy Duti, Emee her Raleigh Sports.

Ride 2: Saturday 26 Dec 2020 This was the ride Emee and I did to Starkwood to see Christmas lights. Full report here.

Ride 3: Wednesday 30 Dec 2020 I had to go pick up the van from the garage, so I rode my Raleigh Superbe three miles after dark to do so.

Ride 4: Thursday 31 Dec 2020. Last ride of 2020! A 4.5 mile roundtrip to Belmont Library on the Superbe to pick up books on hold. I also saw a coyote while riding through the Laurelhurst neighborhood.

Ride 5: Thursday 7 Jan 2021. I picked up the freshly-serviced Robin Hood Path Racer Project from my friend Jer (who does bike work in his garage) and then rode over to Su Casa Tacqueria for a burrito, which I ate at Vestal School. (The school building made an appropriate windbreak on this blustery evening.) 4 miles.

Journal Comic, 3 Dec 2020. Midnite Bicycle League Challenge Ride 1: Burritos

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