Goodbye Konica C35 EF

Steve receives the Konica C35 EF. Powell Butte, 16 July 2020. Taken with a Ricoh 35 ZF with Ilford HP5 film.

I got my Konica C35 EF camera on a whim in April. I was looking for something that I could attach a strap to and wear around my shoulders–a shoulderable camera for biking. Something lighter than my Minolta Hi-Matic 7s. I found the Konica for cheap ($10, including shipping.) At that price, I’d take the chance on a “parts only” camera.

The camera had a few drawbacks: I couldn’t get the flash to work and the rewind lever had snapped off, making rewinding about four times longer than normal. But it took good pictures.

It’s a basic, automated camera, despite the sharp six-element Hexanon 38mm, f/2.8 lens. But I could get around the autoexposure by pointing the lens to an appropriately darker or lighter object and locking the exposure. This helped me get the results I wanted. Still, the camera is limited: only two shutter speeds (1/60 and 1/125 second*), no self-timer,* no bulb mode. Low-light scenarios were tricky, especially since the flash was non-functional.

I had a lot of fun with this camera over the last three months. But the Ricoh 35 ZF has the edge: smaller package, manual shutter and aperture control, a shutter priority mode, and bulb mode. (Still no self-timer, but I can live with it.) I’m not looking to be a camera collector, as much as I admire those folks with shelves full of vintage cameras. I’d just be relegating the Konica to non-use. So I decided to move on and give it away.

I’ve been friends with Steve M. for seven years. We’ve done a lot together, and he’s helped me out a bunch, either by helping with bike projects or leading me on my first backpacking trip. He’s been using a Holga and wanted something a little bit better, film camera wise. So now the Konica C35 EF is in good hands. I hope he gets some great shots with it!

Journal Comic, 27 April 2020: New (to me) camera.

*I have the original 1975 model. The 1977 revision (technically a C 35 EF2, but not labeled as such) added a 1/250 second shutter speed and self-timer. There was still no manual control over shutter speed or aperture.

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