Coffee Outside, 13 Oct 2017 (and Coffeeneuring Challenge 2017, Ride 1!)

Welcome to my participation in the annual Coffeeneuring Challenge! This will be my fifth year in doing it. Thank you Mary for putting this together! And what better way to start it off with a bit of Coffee Outside action?

I sure do like our local weekly coffee outside club, #pdxcoffeeoutside But I don’t go as often as I should. It has to do with time and logistics: Come Friday morning at 7 AM, I could be either in North Tabor or Woodlawn, and I may have to work at 8 or not. And #pdxcoffeeoutside has a rotating set of locations that is announced on Thursday. This week, I had Friday morning off and was staying at home in Woodlawn as Emee was out of town. And conveniently enough, they were doing it at Overlook Park, three miles from my house! Score! (Well, I did suggest that location. 😉  )

But getting up to go to coffee at 7 AM is easier said than done. (Unless you’re Stasia:) ) I am not a morning person. And it’s dark. But I made myself get up and go. Once on the road, things got easier. It was cool, about 45F/7C, so I had on a good amount of wool. And the threatened rain had stayed away, though Overlook Park had a picnic shelter if we needed it. I arrived around 7:30, and there was about eight folks there, drinking coffee and eating various baked goods. I got to work, pulled out the stove and kettle and ground coffee.

I had much more elaborate plans for food, hoping to have some breakfast taco action. I did pack my stuff the night before, but somehow I packed double of one thing and forgot another. And once I got everything going, I could not for the life of me find my pot grabber, even though I thought I had it. And no pot grabber meant no way to handle the pan or pots. Dang. So no tacos. (Of course, I found the grabber when I packed everything up.)

We all hung out to about 8:30 AM, until most people drifted towards work. Since I didn’t have to be at the hostel until 3, I went back home, taking a more leisurely way back.

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2017, Ride 1: Friday 13 October

  • Miles ridden: 7 (3 there, 4 back)
  • Bike: Raleigh Superbe
  • Destination: Overlook Park
  • Coffee drank: Ristretto Roasters Tres Burros
  • Prepared by: Pour over
  • Stove used: Trangia 27 with kettle

6 thoughts on “Coffee Outside, 13 Oct 2017 (and Coffeeneuring Challenge 2017, Ride 1!)

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  1. Shawn, there are worse things to forget…I forgot my camera on my first outing this year! And I brewed up at what might be the best place of the whole challenge – on a walking bridge spanning a lovely river during nice foliage. Oy vey!

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