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Skagit San Juan Islands 2019 Tour Review

By Evan Derickson (with some mods by me) Hello all. It's been a few days since Emee and I returned from our week long excursion to the Puget Sound. It was overall a decent trip! I always love going to the Skagit Valley and the San Juan Islands and this time didn't disappoint. Observations:… Continue reading Skagit San Juan Islands 2019 Tour Review


Another Pedalpalooza under the belt

So it goes. July is here, and that means the one-month bike-fest known as Pedalpalooza is over. Once again, it was fun, but overwhelming and exhausting, mostly because I made myself lead too many events. As such, I didn't have much energy to go on other people's rides. I can count the "other rides" I… Continue reading Another Pedalpalooza under the belt

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A tour in the San Juan Islands… From my 2016 trip Summer is in full effect. Time to get out there and explore the Northwest! Today Emee and I are taking the train north to Mount Vernon, Washington, where we'll spend the night. Then we ride west to Anacortes, hop a ferry, and spend a few days in the San Juan… Continue reading A tour in the San Juan Islands…

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For sale: Rubber Grips, cafe (rear wheel) lock

Alright, this should be the last for sale post for a little bit. Sorting out "the bike workshop" I found a few more things that should be passed on to someone who can use it. Purchase/Ordering Notes: Price does not include postage. (Postage estimate for US orders is between $3-8) If you are interested, please… Continue reading For sale: Rubber Grips, cafe (rear wheel) lock

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SOLD: Carradice Nelson Longflap saddlebag

UPDATE 28 JUNE 2019, 8 PM PDT: Well, that was very fast! Bike is sold and already in the hands of the new owner! Well, still finding some things that I don't need anymore. This time I have available a classic British transverse canvas saddlebag! This circa 2012 Carradice Nelson Longflap features 100% waterproof waxed… Continue reading SOLD: Carradice Nelson Longflap saddlebag

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My Pedalpalooza 2019, Two Weeks In

Pedalpalooza is all of June. Portland's annual festival of bike fun. I tend to lead a lot of events during the month, mostly because the types of rides I like to do are not as represented on the calendar as they used to be. I get so busy in the process of planning and leading… Continue reading My Pedalpalooza 2019, Two Weeks In

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REMINDER: Sunset/Moonrise Ride is tomorrow, Monday June 17

We're just halfway through Pedalpalooza. Time for one of my favorite regular summer rides, the Sunset/Moonrise Ride! Did you know that on the night of the full moon, the sun sets roughly around the same time that the moon rises? We'll ride about 5 miles to a mystery spot to see both. Meet me at… Continue reading REMINDER: Sunset/Moonrise Ride is tomorrow, Monday June 17