Taming the mane

Over the last year I grew my hair out. This wasn't the plan, but the shuttering of haircutting services in March 2020 (right when I needed a haircut) due to the pandemic forced my hand. Even though I've mostly kept my hair short for my adult life, every ten to twenty years I feel the... Continue Reading →

Gravitating towards Grant Butte: A ramble, 17 March 2021

Dilapidated homestead next to Southwest Park, 17 March 2021. Olympus 35RD/Kentmere 400 As the weather warms and a hoped-for touring season is on the horizon, I've been wanting to get in longer rides. I haven't gotten much of anything north of 20 miles in lately, so I want to up the mileage a bit, aim... Continue Reading →

The Three Speed April 2021 Challenge starts TOMORROW! Yes, there is still plenty of time to register and participate.

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello, friends of Three Speeds. The annual Three Speed April Challenge is back, and it begins tomorrow, Thursday April 1st! A big Thank You to those of you who have registered.

Haven’t registered yet? No worries! There is still plenty of time to register. Registration will be open for the entirety of the month. And you can do the challenge as late as Friday April 30th! You can do challenges before you receive your journal in the mail, just consult the full official rules and record your rides elsewhere. Then when you receive the journal, transcribe those rides into it!

But time has a tendency to slip away, so register NOW before you forget about it! You can register via my Etsy Shop, or get in touch with me directly if that doesn’t work for you. Register via the two Etsy links below:

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A Fanno Creek Ramble, 13 March 2021

Camera: Olympus 35 RD. Film: Fomapan 200. Hello friends! It's another installment of "Attempts to explore the Westside more". This time we'll be heading to a pretty popular trail: Fanno Creek. This path follows the namesake creek from Beaverton to Tigard, a distance of about five miles one-way. I've been on it a few times... Continue Reading →

A visit to Marshall Park, 6 March 2021

Marshall Cascades, Tryon Creek at Marshall Park. Camera: Minolta SR-T 101. (SRT-101) Film: AristaEDU 200 (Fomapan 200) It was "kids weekend". Emee and her ex split custody, and Saturday March 6 we had the kids. We try to have a little adventure with them to counter all the computer time they get. For me it's... Continue Reading →

The Outdoor Office and City Bag

Doing my Outdoor Office thing in Kenilworth Park. Kenilworth Park. 28 Aug 2020. Camera: Olympus XA2. Film: Ilford HP5+ 400. It seemed to be a thing amongst my artist peers: The studio space separate from home. Many other artists I knew had one, and they'd ask when I'd get my own, or maybe go in... Continue Reading →

Film Photography: Reaching Capacity

Self-portrait in the bathroom at APEX with my Olympus 35RD rangefinder. 10 February 2021. Film: Ilford FP4. For a brief moment a couple weeks ago, I was in possession of an Olympus Pen D camera. When I got hooked on half-frame photography I decided to look for a "better" camera than my Olympus Pen EES-2.... Continue Reading →

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