Will my 2022 be like my 2012?

Myself and my loaded Surly Long Haul Trucker, ready to depart for my PDX-Oly-Astoria Tour. 30 May 2012 It's nearing the end of February. I've already done one bike camping trip, and am itching to do something soon. And like the last few years, my "work life" will be mixed between part-time stuff with Emee... Continue Reading →

Can a long bike tour change you, and what kind of bike tourist are you?

An image from "Hot Dog Diary" by Nathan Tolzmann Sometime a year or so ago I came across the website of Nathan Tolzmann. Since 2018, he's been documenting a cross-country (San Francisco-Portland-Chicago) bicycle tour that he and his friend Matt Bergstrom took twenty years earlier. It's a great narrative comic, documenting every day of their... Continue Reading →

Icefields Parkway

Between Thursday July 21st (Day 56) and Monday July 25 (Day 60) was some of the best bicycle riding we had done on this trip, and possibly in our entire lives. From Lake Louise to Jasper we were on the fabled Icefields Parkway, a 140 mile (230 km) two-lane road that parallels the main spine... Continue Reading →

We made it to Vancouver!

Goodbye Portland! See you in...November? Yes, it's really been over a week since I've posted. This is bad form for a blog that is supposed to be detailing this "epic" Cross Continental Bike Tour that April and I are supposedly "riding". But I gots excuses, believe me you! For starters, it's the starter. Starting a... Continue Reading →

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