It’s “Telegraph Tuesday” at the Urban Adventure League

Hello friends! Yes, the hub-bub of the Holiday shopping season has started. While it's easy to go to places like Amazon this week to get "deals", don't forget about the small businesses. And there ain't no smaller biz than me, the Urban Adventure League! I'm not offering any sizzling hot deals or promo codes this... Continue Reading →

New Stuff in the Store, plus SoTS membership update

Hello friends! Have you checked out my Storenvy store lately? I've got a few new things in there, like: Zinester's Guide to Portland, the local guide I've edited for umpteen years! Now at the sale price of $4 because the new edition will be here soon. Five packs of one inch buttons for $4. Choose... Continue Reading →

New Zinester’s Guide is here!

I alluded to it in an earlier post, but the 5th Edition of the Zinester's Guide to Portland has just been released! Edited and mostly written by myself and published by Microcosm Publishing, this handy 128 page guide details tons of low-to-no budget and interesting things to do and see in the Rose City. It's... Continue Reading →

Only in bookstores, Only in Portland

My friend Lillian snapped this shot at Powell's Books, Portland's big-big bookstore/online retailer:Zinester's Guide to Portland (#2) is the Portland guidebook I edit.*Only in the book world can I outrank Bike Snob.(Oh yeah, that Curious Gorge book is cool as well!) *And will soon be working on the newest edition!

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