Can Portland style bike fun culture take hold elsewhere?

The poster I drew for Pedalpalooza 2006. This was the third PP poster I made. Recently Filmed By Bike founder Ayleen Crotty created a compilation zine about Portland's bike culture. This was in honor of twenty years of the event. She asked me to contribute, and I obliged, contributing a page about my interaction with... Continue Reading →

Vancouver New Year Trip: The wrap-up

It's been a few days since I returned to Portland from my Vancouver holiday. And since then, I managed to get laid up by a nasty cold. Glad it happened after the trip, not during! Overall, it was a fun little trip, a nice getaway to clear my head. It doesn't hurt that Vancouver is... Continue Reading →

New Year in Vancouver: The snow

I got into Vancouver late Friday night (Dec 30). After sleeping in a bit, I got a lazy start. The weather didn't look promising, a mix of rain and flurries with a high just above freezing. I pulled the Raleigh Superbe out of the hostel and got out there. I noticed during my coffee break... Continue Reading →

Vancouver for New Years

As you read this, I'm on Amtrak Cascades Train 516 northbound to Vancouver BC. I left Portland right before 3. It was nice that I didn't have to work this morning, so I was less stressed. (Less!) But for a moment I thought I might not make it. Yesterday afternoon I became quite nauseous and... Continue Reading →

Coming to Vancouver on the New Year!

I've had an annual tradition of leaving town for the New Year holiday every year since New Years 2007. This was mostly because I was sick of dealing with another mediocre party in town, and all the expectation of having an "awesome" New Year. Going away automatically means things are better, right? 😉 So I... Continue Reading →

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