Yet another Powell Butte typed ramble, 2 May 2021

By Johnson Creek, 2 May 2021. Olympus 35RD/Ilford Delta 100 (red filter) Sunday May 2nd was a beautiful day in these parts, a mix of sun and clouds, a high in the 70s F. The big plan was to visit my friend Andy in his Milwaukie (the town south of Portland, note the lack of... Continue Reading →

Alternate commutes.

I've lived at my current house in Woodlawn for three years. The distance to work is just a little under 6 miles (10 km.) Over the three years I've refined my morning bike commute into the most efficient and fastest route possible. I'm generally okay with it, as it sticks mostly to low traffic streets.... Continue Reading →

A Tuesday eramblee

I had the two days before Christmas off. (Yes, I worked on Christmas.) Originally I had hoped to pull of a pre-Xmas camping trip like we did last year. But this year there didn't seem to be the enthusiasm to do it, and the weather forecast looked iffy.* I didn't feel like having a solo... Continue Reading →

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