Trip Report: Cape Lookout Labor Day mini-tour

I find it ironic that despite living in a coastal state (and I’ve always lived in a coastal state), it’s so rare for me to go to the actual coast. Yes, I did go up to the Puget Sound in August, but that’s a sea, an inland arm of the ocean, not the full ocean... Continue Reading →

Special week-long sale on memberships!

A cool sale over at my “other” site, Society of Three Speeds!

Society Of Three Speeds

Friends, it is rather embarrassing to admit, but I will be forthright and admit: It’s been quite some time since I’ve been on a three-speed. Horrors! The president of the Society hasn’t ridden a three-speed in quite some time? Yes, it’s true. The reasons are complicated, so I won’t be boring you with those details right now. (I will bore you with the details relatively soon.)

I need to atone for my sins, penance if you will. And the best penance is a sale on new memberships. Starting now, US memberships are only $5, international  only $10! All memberships must be purchased by 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time on Saturday August 9th to get this rate. (If sending by post, must be postmarked by August 9th to get this rate.)

This I will guarantee: This will be the lowest price on Society of Three Speeds memberships you will ever see.

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Heading out…

Loaded and ready, waiting for Evan and Hugh. Yep, it's the hottest day of the year so far, 97F/36C. Thankfully the destination is Battleground Lake, which means swimming. (Scaled back from our original plan due to heat, BG Lake is 25 miles vs. 40.) Should be fun. Note the new Jandd frame bag

Pepin-Minneapolis trip photos!

Hello friends! Yeah, I need to post more about the trip, but returning to Portland has meant a lack of time for that business. But! But I just managed to finish up and get all the photos posted from the trip. So check them out on my flickr. Actual words to come.

Post-Pepin update.

It's a rather crappy day day here in Minneapolis, a day consisting of a steady wave of downpours and thunderstorms. So a good time for quick reflection. A longer post will happen when I return home, but lack of desire to be on the internet on my "vacation" will cause that to be delayed. (Not... Continue Reading →

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