My second week of the Three Speed October 2016 challenge

Hello fine folks! I just wrapped up another week of riding my Raleigh Superbe to qualify for my very own Three Speed October 2016 challenge! How did this week look? Wednesday 19 October: 23.8 miles total, as my Coffeeneuring Ride 3. Thursday 20 October: 11.9 miles total, work commute. Friday 21 October: 15.9 miles total,... Continue Reading →

My first week of the Three Speed October 2016 challenge

Hey all! Just finished up my first week of the very challenge I created. It wouldn't be fair if I didn't participate, right? 😉 And for those of you who are all like "But Shawn, didn't this thing start last week?" Well, if you read the rules as carefully as I wrote them (oh, snap!)... Continue Reading →

A Three Speed October

Please note: This post originally appeared on Society of Three Speeds, but I figured I should also share this here. It's October, which is autumn in the Northernmost hemisphere. For many of you, this will be the last month you'll ride your bicycle, three speed or otherwise, until The Great Thaw. And October is a... Continue Reading →

Heading out to Pepin…

Hello friends. My life has been spent inside a blender the past few days. Work has been hectic, and I am getting to leave town today (that be Wednesday May 14th.) Yep, I'll be heading out on Amtrak's Empire Builder to Minneapolis-St Paul. The big reason is to partake in the annual Lake Pepin Three... Continue Reading →

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