Pedalpalooza is coming! Here’s all the planned Urban Adventure League/Society of Three Speeds rides/events for June 2018.

IMG_20180419_155956-01.jpegDeadlines, deadlines. The Pedalpalooza print calendar deadline (in)conveniently occurs while I am out of town. So I’ve spent the last week or two trying to sort it all out! And finally by 10 AM on the Sunday when myself and Emee board the Empire Builder eastward to St. Paul, sorted I am!

It’s a good slate of eight different events for June, about my average count (read: more than I really should.) As always, there’s things I do every Pedalpalooza, and new stuff. Some stuff open to anyone, some stuff so weirdly esoteric you probably won’t come. ūüėČ So without further ado, here’s what I’m doing:

  • Sat June 2-Sun June 3: Three Speed Campout¬†Camp via three speed! We’ll be heading to Stub Stewart State Park. 22 mi ride (one way), 1/2 on country roads, 1/2 on rail trail. Supply stop in Banks, halfway on ride. Limited to 3, 4, 5 spd IGH bikes. Register here:
  • Wed June 6, 6 PM: Remnants and Relics Ride Skidmore Fountain/Ankeny Plaza, 18 SW 1st Ave¬†10mile tour hitting up many of the remnants of Old Portland that still remain. Ride not a loop but will end near transit and food/beverages. Presented with Dan Haneckow of Cafe Unknown.
  • Tues June 12, 6:30 PM: Bike Touring Workshop¬†Velo Cult Bike Shop, 1969 NE 42nd Av¬†Learn more about bike touring and camping. Discussing equipment, planning, and cost as well as day-to-day life on the road. Limit 12 participants, registration required.
  • Sun June 17, 5 PM: Proper Pedal Picnic¬†Green Zebra Grocery, 3011 N Lombard St¬†A classy type of picnic ride, this one is about stepping it up. Dress up nicely and think about nice foods and beverages to bring. Blankets and nice picnic setups are good too. Ride will be approx 5mi to mystery picnic destino. Bring lights/layers.
  • Mon June 18, 6:30 PM: Two Speed Kickback Ride¬†Peninsula Park Rose Garden, 700 N Rosa Parks Way¬†A casual 10mi cruise on bikes equipped w/ a two speed internally geared hub, Doesn’t matter what brand or if it’s kickback, automatic, or trigger shifter. End at food and (adult) beverage.
  • Mon June 18, 9 PM: For the love of the bottle (dynamo) ride¬†Lucky Labrador Tap Room, 1700 N Killingsworth St A¬†10mi cruise by night, kept company by the whirring of the dynamo wheel against tire. Dynamo must function and power at least front light. Please, NO HUB DYNAMO SYSTEMS! Battery light as backup OK. Bottom bracket dynamos OK!
  • Wed June 27, 6 PM: Slough Country Ramble¬†Kenton/N Denver Ave MAX Station¬†Let’s explore the nearer reaches of the Columbia Slough! This approximately 10 mi ride will feature sleepy reaches of this waterway, plus other secret spots. Not a loop but will end near transit/food/beverages.
  • Wed June 27, 6 PM: Three Speed Ride¬†Paul Bunyan Statue across from¬†Kenton/N Denver Ave MAX Station¬†Casual paced ramble of approx. 10mi will explore some fun areas. Three speeds encouraged, but any bicycle welcome. Ride not a loop, but ends near food/drink/transit.
  • Thurs June 28, 7 PM: Sunset Moonrise Ride¬†P’s & Q’s Market, 1301 NE Dekum St¬†A 5mi ride to a good spot to see both sunset and moonrise. Stock up on supplies and libations at P’s & Q’s, and of course bring a blanket, extra layer, and lights for the ride home. Sunset 9:03 PM, moonrise 9:30 PM.

Sunset Moonrise Ride Report: 5 Oct 2017

What a great day for a Sunset Moonrise Ride! It got up to 71F/21C, and it was a clear and sunny day. Of course, the big issue with an October full moon is that the sun sets so damn early.¬† Sunset was at 6:43 PM on Thursday 5 October. While not “super early”, factor in that the West Hills block the horizon, meaning that sunset is more like 6:30.

So in order to get to Broughton Beach in time, we had to meet up at 5 PM (anticipating a 5:30 ish departure.) It’s a five mile ride from Woodlawn to the beach, and that’s over 5 miles from downtown. So turnout was small, about six overall.* (and)** But it was a good and excited crowd! We even had a bike tourist travelling through town who came along!

And man, what a great event. While the sunrise was good, what was GREAT was the moonrise. It’s been a tough year for the Full Moon Rise here in Portland, so many times it’s been cloudy, or the moon made a fleeting appearance through a cloudbreak, or we had what happened in September with a smoke choked sky. But none of this would happen tonight, with it being so clear. And the moon is rising a bit to the north of Hood now, so we had the reflection of the moon on the water as an added bonus!

This will probably be the last Sunset/Moonrise Ride of 2017, as the time gets so early in the winter, and the weather unreliable. At least we ended the season on a high note.

*There was five people at the start, but Steven had to go home, then we picked up Stasia later.

**And there’s always Thursday Night Ride competing with anything on this night. ūüė¶

Sunset/Moonrise Ride, Wed 6 Sept

35459259870_248448111f_oYep, it’s time for another one of my fabled sunset/moonrise rides! Let’s get them in before the rainy season hits. And yes, it will be warm this Wednesday night, so no excuse to be inside!

Details: Meet at 5:30 PM, Wednesday September 6, at P’s and Q’s Market, NE Dekum St at 13th Ave. We depart at 6 PM.

On the day of the full moon, the moon rises right around the same time that the sun sets. We’ll ride about 5 mi to a good spot where we can see BOTH. Stock up on supplies and libations at Ps and Qs and of course bring an extra layer and lights for the ride.

Sunset 7:38 PM, moonrise 8:09 PM.

Hope to see you there!

A brief update, since it’s been awhile

Hello friends! Yeah, it’s been a bit since I’ve written something substantial here. What can I say, the last month has been extremely busy! June consisted of a bike tour, Pedalpalooza, and a bit of romance. As such, I didn’t have a lot of “free time” to blog about it all. I do want to write something about that tour, but it may be another week or two before that happens, sorry.

This is the part where I casually mention that I’m quite active over on flickr and Instagram. These are the best windows in my day-to-day life, so if you want to see things as they happen, I encourage you to check them out!

Anyways, even though Pedalpalooza is a fading memory, the bike fun hasn’t stopped. On Sunday evening, I led a Sunset/Moonrise Ride. About a couple dozen folks rode the five miles from the Woodlawn neighborhood to Broughton Beach on the Columbia River. The weather was perfect, if a bit windy. And the sunset and moonrise were great. It was good hanging out with fun folks.

And now more action: This Thursday, July 13, I’m leaving for another trip! I’ll be taking the train up to Bellingham where I’ll spend Friday. Then I head south to tiny La Conner, Washington for their Seersucker Social. And from there I head west through Anacortes to catch a ferry to Lopez Island (part of the San Juans) where I’ll camp Sunday night. Then I head east on Monday, get down to Seattle for the night, and head home Tuesday morning. It should be fun!

Sunset Moonrise Ride, Sunday July 9

Just because Pedalpalooza is over, doesn’t mean that bike fun is over!

Come join me for one of my favorite semi-regular rides: The Sunset Moonrise Ride. Did you know that at the time of the full moon, the moonrise is just around the same time as sunset? That means if you find a good spot, you can see both! And I definitely know of a good spot.

Meet on Sunday July 9 at 7:30 PM at P’s and Q’s Market, NE Dekum St at NE 13th Ave. Get your supplies at P’s and Q’s*, we roll out at 8 PM. We’ll ride an easy five miles down to the Columbia to watch the sun set and then the moon rise! And of course enjoy food and drink down at the water.

Picnic blankets, lights, and layers encouraged.

FOR THOSE WHO CARE: Technically the date of the full moon is on Saturday. But Sunday will be better this time, as the moonrise on Saturday is shortly before sunset, which means a lackluster moonrise. On Sunday July 9, the sun set is 9:00 PM, moon rise at 9:20 PM.

*P’s and Q’s are not exactly known for their cheap beer, so plan accordingly!

Three UAL events in the near future! Sunset/Moonrise Ride, Bike Camp Cookout, and Sunrise Coffee!

wp-1473656064808.jpgWith the coming of fall, GREAT bike weather will be upon us here in Portland! What better time for some fun bike rides?

    P’s & Q’s Market, 1301 NE Dekum St
    meet at 5:45, depart at 6:15
    Did you know that on the day of the full moon, the moon rises right around the same time that the sun sets? We’ll ride about 5 mi to a good spot where we can see BOTH. Stock up on supplies and libations at P’s & Q’s ¬†and of course bring an extra layer and lights for the ride home. Yes, there should be time for you to go on other rides tonight, if you like to do some riding! Sunset 7:18 pm, moonrise 7:30 pm.
  • SUN 18 SEPT
    Rivelo, 401 SE Caruthers St 
    Meet at 4:30, depart at 5.
    One of the best parts of bike camping and touring is making meals. Here’s a chance to do that without actually going camping! Ride 5 miles to a mystery park destination (grocery stop en route) where we’ll make dinner. Nerd out over camping stove setups and impress everyone with the feast you’ll craft! Please note: camping stove required, not a grill/hibachi. And no dehydrated/”instant” meals that you bought at REI. Get creative!
    Mount Tabor Park, Picnic area on NE corner of park near 69/Yamhill entrance. NOT AT THE TOP OF THE HILL. Rain day alternate: Pavilion near basketball courts
    6:30 am
    What better way to start Autumn? Get up before the crack of dawn and ride up to Tabor to make coffee while watching the sun rise. Coffee and camaraderie guaranteed. BYO coffee, water, and way to make coffee. Think camping stoves and the like. Or bring pre-brewed coffee. Bringing some breakfast ain’t a bad idea, either. Sunrise at 6:58 am, equinox at 7:21 am.


Sunset/Moonrise Ride, this Thursday! (August 18)

wp-1471394525627.jpgIt’s time to lead another one of my Sunset/Moonrise rides. We’ll meet this Thursday August 18 at Ps and Qs Market, 1301 NE Dekum St. Meet at 6:30 pm, depart at 7.

Did you know that on the day of the full moon, the moon rises right around the same time that the sun sets? We’ll ride about 5 mi to a good spot where we can see BOTH. Stock up on supplies and libations at P’s & Q’s (sorry, they are not known for cheap beer), and of course bring an extra layer and lights for the ride home.

Sunset is at 8:12 pm, moonrise 8:26 pm.
It’s going to be a HOT one on Thursday, with a high of 98F/37C. You don’t want to be inside at sunset, right?

Sunset/Moonrise Ride, 29 August 2015

You know how I love to go to a spot to watch the sun set and the moon rise on the day of the full moon, and the next one is on Saturday, August 29th. So why not join me this time?

The details:

Sat Aug 29
meet at 6 pm, leave at 6:30 sharp
P’s & Q’s Market, 1301 NE Dekum St 
It’s the night of the full moon, which rises just around the time of sunset! We’ll ride an easy 5 miles to a great spot to see both, and to just hang out. Stock up on food and libations at the start. Sunset 8:00 pm, moonrise 7:54 pm
Please note: P’s and Q’s will be the only supply-up stop.wpid-wp-1435895907444.jpg