The return of the Crested Butte, an almost new bike?

Oh, the Raleigh Crested Butte has had such a long and strange saga. When I got it in October 2012. It was a garage queen, everything original and hardly used. I did some minor tweaks and adjustments over the years, like racks, handlebars/stem, and tires, but for the most part the "bones" of the bike... Continue Reading →

New crankset and fenders!! (The Blingification of the Long Haul Trucker, Part 1)

You might find it hard to believe, but at one point I wasn't much of a bike aesthete. My original Portland bike, a mid-nineties Giant Rincon MTB, wasn't much to look at. After buying it I immediately stickered the bejeezus out of it (in an attempt to make it more "theft-proof"). I didn't care how... Continue Reading →

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