Trip Report: Stub Stewart cabins bike camping trip, New Years 2020

This isn't my first Stub Stewart cabin rodeo! Nope, after this trip, I've stayed at the cabins at Stub Stewart State Park a total of seven times: Three of them Cycle Wild New Years Trips in 2011, 2012, and 2013, plus a non New Year Cycle Wild Trip in 2014. There was the trip with... Continue Reading →

A New Year at the cabins at Stub Stewart

Another year is upon us! I've made a tradition since New Years 2007 of getting out of town for the holiday. After spending my first five years in town going to meh parties and/or trying to find a decent party (and in the case of 2006, doing nothing), I decided getting away would be better... Continue Reading →

Coffeeneuring Report, Week 4, 30 Oct 2013

Hello folks! It's yet another installment to my Coffeeneuring Challenge series! And yep, this one is another "coffee shop without walls". (But don't you worry, now that the weather is crap, I'll be going inside to drink coffee!) This one happened during my Stub Stewart camping trip, Oct 29-30. You can read the whole story... Continue Reading →

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