Last Call on New Old Stock zine five-packs (for now), plus Etsy

UPDATE: The five packs are gone! Thank you for the support. I still have some individual issues of New Old Stock left. I've been publishing my comic-zine NEW OLD STOCK for eight years. Over this time I've printed five different issues, and have kept all issues in print. But I'm thinking about a different course... Continue Reading →

(Mostly) New Postcard Sets in the Shop–Three Speeds and Old Cars. Plus, lower prices on some older postcards!

It's the continual "freshening-up" of stuff in my Shop. I got in some new photo postcards, and am discounting the price on some older ones! First up, we have the Three Speeds and Old Car three packs. All the shots taken with film--either Olympus XA2 or Minolta Hi-Matic 7s on various Kodak stocks. All of... Continue Reading →

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