Keeping Social Distance by finding Secret Places: My Thursday Ramble, 9 April 2020

Near Knapp Falls. Camera: Olympus XA2. Film: Kodak Ultramax 400. It's somewhere near a month of Stay-at-Home here in Portland. The quarantine is now just a fact of life. Yes, it'll end at some point, but now life before it seems so distant. Hang out with people? Go to a cafe? I know we'll have... Continue Reading →

Catching the Holiday Express

Every holiday season, from Thanksgiving weekend until about a week before Christmas, the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation runs the Holiday Express excursion train. The train runs along the old interurban line that parallels the Springwater Corridor, from the north entrance of the OMSI/Springwater Corridor near SE 4th and Stephens (right south of the rail musum) to... Continue Reading →

The Wednesday Ramble, 25 September 2013

It’s been tough ‘round these parts. Normally September in Portland is “the end of summer” with sunny days, temps 70F and higher, and few rainy days. In a word: Nice. The weather this September, though, especially during the past half of the month, has been anything but, with cooler temps and lots and lots of... Continue Reading →

Not a bad weekend

Almost at 5,000 miles!The last time I checked in, this blog was full o' gloom and doom. The Brooks saddle on my Cycle Truck got jacked, the weather was craptastic, and I didn't get a job that I'd been hoping to get, one I had been waiting for weeks to hear back from. (I didn't... Continue Reading →

Of Rain and Headsets

Why yes it's in Celsius.If you've checked into rideblog this week, you know it's been wet here in the Pacific Northwest. "Duh," you may say to yourself, "Isn't that what it does all the time up there?" Well, according to Mz. Snarkypup Rideblog that answer is "yes". But I do remember a week with sunny... Continue Reading →

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