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The kale, er, “snowpocalypse” a few days in.

Hot cocoa with bourbon after shoveling: It is nice being an adult! Yes, folks, you heard the news: It has snowed in Portland. But our fair city was ready, as shoppers cleaned the supermarkets of kale on Friday. I actually was shopping on that tragic day, and did bear witness to the eviscerated dairy case… Continue reading The kale, er, “snowpocalypse” a few days in.

portland weather

The unexpected late season snow

Portland's snows are usually not big, and not frequent. We had snow around Christmas that lingered for a couple days. Since then, we hadn't seen snow, and temps got pretty mild, even scraping 60F/16C. But this last week, it got cold, and the unlikely happened: it snowed again. In the past seventeen years here, the… Continue reading The unexpected late season snow

portland weather, snow biking

Finishing up a “real winter” weekend

As I type this report on Sunday night, there is still lingering snow and ice from Wednesday's snow event around Portland. We may see a brief amount of snow overnight, then real rain starts and the daytime high adjusts to its seasonal norm of mid-40s. So we'll have snow on the ground in the lowlands… Continue reading Finishing up a “real winter” weekend

portland weather, snow biking

Portland Snow Days Past: A look back

As I've said before, it doesn't snow much here, but it does snow. And I have written about it before! So get yourself a cup o' hot cocoa, curl up, and check out these reports from the depths of this blog. From December 2005 (!) an unexpected snow and its aftermath. Another surprise snow in… Continue reading Portland Snow Days Past: A look back

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Another snow day, another snow biking day.

It seems like just last week it snowed here. Oh wait, that's because it did! 😉 But yeah, on Wednesday December 14th, old man winter decided to knock on Portland's door again. It started snowing in the afternoon. Since it was my day off and I had no plans or obligations, I didn't go out,… Continue reading Another snow day, another snow biking day.