The “snow” week, 26-31 Dec 2021

Looking out the front door, 28 Dec 2021. Minolta SR-T 101, MC Rokkor PG 50mm f/1.4, Fuji Superia 400. It's winter, and we saw a bit of snow here in Portland. It really wasn't much of anything, especially in comparison to the goodly amounts that happened to the north--Seattle and Vancouver really got socked. Basically... Continue Reading →

The snow week, plus snow photography

Rosemont Bluff Natural Area, 13 Feb 2021. Minolta SR-T 101, MC Rokkor-X PG 50 mm f/1.4 lens, Kodak Ultramax 400. Last time I checked in with you fine folks we had our only true Winter Storm of the season, a few days of snow and ice, followed by freezing rain. The city shut down. Trees... Continue Reading →

A Portland Snow Event, 11-15 Feb 2021

Why yes, it was just last week when I was talking about how I enjoy Portland's temperate winters. OnRhodes correctly surmised that I was "jinxing" things by talking about it. And jinx I did: We've had a significant winter weather event over the weekend. While snow in Portland isn't uncommon during winter, most of it... Continue Reading →

The unexpected late season snow

Portland's snows are usually not big, and not frequent. We had snow around Christmas that lingered for a couple days. Since then, we hadn't seen snow, and temps got pretty mild, even scraping 60F/16C. But this last week, it got cold, and the unlikely happened: it snowed again. In the past seventeen years here, the... Continue Reading →

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