A Slough Country Ramble, 27 December 2019

As I stated previously on this blog, riding down by the Columbia Slough is my "jam". I lived near the western part of it for five years, so it was always easy to cruise down there. But I don't live near it anymore. There's not a lot I miss about the house in Woodlawn,* but... Continue Reading →

A quick report: Slough Country Ramble, 16 Feb 2019

Scheduling a ride on Saturday February 16th was possibly not the best idea, as it's the same weekend of Mini Bike Winter (MBW) and its Chariot Wars. It's been a while since I had been to this big Zoobomb related event, so I forgot the mantra of "President's Day Weekend is Mini Bike Winter Weekend"... Continue Reading →

Slough Country Ramble: Still on!

Yes, just a reminder that yes, the Slough Country Ramble is still on! I would have only considered cancelling if there was snow/ice, or the forecast called for pouring rain all day. Tomorrow's forecast calls for showers, so be prepared for some wet. We meet tomorrow, Saturday February 16 at 11 AM at Cafe Eleven,... Continue Reading →

Pedalpalooza 2018: My Rides Wrap-up

Yes, June is over, and that means the close of another Pedalpalooza. I always end up leading a bunch of rides--too many, according to some. This year I was no slouch in leading rides, and didn't feel the "burn out" as most (most) of the events went well. So, what happened? Tuesday June 12, Bike... Continue Reading →

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