Seattle trip wrap-up.

Okay, so the last time I left you I was wrapping up my first two big days in Seattle (and the small first night.) This left Thursday, my last day in town. Originally I was supposed to meet up with Doug in the AM when we'd ride to do a "coffee outside" type thing. (This... Continue Reading →

Seattle trip update.

It's Wednesday night as my thumb hits a pretend keyboard on a smartphone. Just finished up two eventful and fun days in Seattle. The weather has been ok, mostly cloudy with some drizzle, high around 45F. Tuesday I hooked up with Robert/Spiral Cage and we had a fun ramble round the reaches of the city,... Continue Reading →

Heading to Seattle for the New Year

I spent my first five (2002-6) New Years living in Portland. I never had a "great" one, though. Some were tolerable, some weren't. Maybe it's all the expectation on making the New Year holiday "epic"? So I decided to actually work towards this epicness, and started my annual tradition of going out-of-town for the... Continue Reading →

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