A quick trip to Seattle, 20-22 August

Seattle skyline and Mount Rainer from Kerry Park in Queen Anne, 22 August 2022. Olympus XA2/Cinestill 50D I've had a complex relation to our "sister" city to the north, Seattle. The first time I visited it was 2001. I had already been living in Portland for a half-year, and was pretty happy with that. I... Continue Reading →

A quick trip to Seattle: 5-7 March 2020

Seattle, Washington. The Emerald City. Its close proximity (by Western standards) to Portland means I have visited it a lot over the past 20 years. Whenever I needed to visit another major city and didn't want to travel to, say, San Francisco or Chicago, Seattle fit the bill. I've pretty much seen most parts of... Continue Reading →

A mid-December update

Hey all! I realize that it's been a few weeks since I've had a "real" post here. What can I say, things have been busy. I've been travelling a lot and working on getting ready for craft fairs. I've been working creatively, but not in a blogging way. I had plans to do write ups... Continue Reading →

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